Incorporated in 1993

is a prestigious company engaged in the manufacture and export of premium quality household cleaning products.

We have already successfully launched Fifteen Household products keeping foremost the safety and well being of our valued customers.

One of our products is already Registered with ISI. You know that some cheap non standard cleaning products daily used for hygiene in home, from kitchen to bathrooms, are affecting your skin, eyes and over all family health. J.B.LABORATORIES P. LTD. Ensure products standards for good health. Our products are in attractive FMCG packs and bulk packs which are well accepted by all the segments of consumers.


J. B. Laboratories is totally committed to producing unmatched quality products. That is why, the products are inspected right from the initial stage of selecting the raw materials to the final stage of production. Over the years, the company has built a strong reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality products and focuses on complete customer satisfaction.

The backbone of the company is its testing laboratory, where all the raw materials and finished products are tested according to their standards and specifications.

The lab is divided into three sections.

•  Chemicals Analysis

•  Instrumental Analysis

•  Micro Biological Analysis

The condition of goods are monitored regularly and their packing and forwarding are modified to give better service to consumer/dealers

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