J. B. Laboratories Pvt. Ltd is equipped with state-of-the-art production unit with high precision machines. The company has a team of skilled professionals who work with utmost dedication to give out the best of results.

The company has installed stainless steel kilns and reactors/formulation tanks as required in the processing. And the latest stainless steel transfer pumps for liquid handling. The manufacturing section is assisted by a well equipped packing section which consist of two conveyor lines fitted with all the requirements for filling, sealing, labeling, shrink packing, cartoning, taping and strapping machines which makes the process of filling a flaw less operation with quality work at every step.

The company uses modern load cells based electronic weighing machines for its day to day weighing and checking.

No company can grow without self introspection. Hence the R&D section is incorporated in the laboratory which works constantly on the improvement of the products and introduction of new and better performing products with a variety of applications.

The company has a good network of material dispatch system supported by a fleet of delivery vehicles and approved transporters. Best of communication systems are installed to track the movements of goods and compliance of schedule and requirements of the consumer and dealers.


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